Fragrance is built on the foundations of quality, progress, trust and customer satisfaction.

Our products are manufactured in Singapore based on time-honoured recipes, using only the highest quality of ingredients to ensure our products maintain their consistency and conform to the highest of hygiene standards.

brand logo


The new calligraphic logotype uses a refined typography that incorporates Fragrance's Chinese identity (xiang wei), reflecting the company's attention to quality and service-oriented dedication. The result is a branding that visually conveys the philosophy of being forward-looking yet mindful of age-old traditions. The slogan, "Traditional recipe since 1969" underscores the company's heritage.

Our legacy logo is anchored by the Chinese character, "Xiang" meaning Fragrance, stylised with a tongue to represent the tantalising delights of Fragrance's products. It represents the company's youthfulness

Xiang Wei:

In calligraphic font, "Xiang Wei" meaning Fragrance in Chinese, harks back to Madam Ong's passion for delivering tantalising traditional favourites. The orange monotone is a minimalistic blend of the traditional red and yellow, symbolizing the company's progressiveness while being rooted in its rich traditions.

Together, these two identities represent Fragrance's aspirations to celebrate wholesome traditions while continuing to embrace the optimism of tomorrow.

brand vision

Creating smiles and happy moments with every bite.

brand promise

Fragrance In Every Bite


brand mission

To continuously improve on quality through product innovation for customer satisfaction.


The Values of Fragrance (Xiang)

The Promise of Xiang Wei

Our brand name, Fragrance in Chinese is itself our promise for quality and deliciousness.


We're committed to upholding our credibility through customer trust.


We stay ahead of the competition through innovation, delivering new tantalising creations that everyone can savour.


We manufacture our products with the finest of ingredients to ensure consistency.


We appreciate our customers, and strive for the best service standards to all returning customers

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